Our Programs

Children's Assistance & Development (CAD)

This program provides assistance in health, education, and the general welfare of children. Our annual Children of Carriacou & Petite Martinique Christmas Treat is a part of this program. At this event, children freely receive hundreds of toys and refreshments. The appearance of Santa creates lots of excitement with the added benefits of stimulating the children's imagination and creativity. The discipline embedded in this program sets the framework for student-development into responsible adulthood. It teaches punctuality, sharing, good citizenship, good bargaining, respect for the environment, respect for others, organizational skills, patience, self-expression, and others. All of our programs would have these qualities as their basic structure.

Food Distribution

This program is setup for families in need. Recipients receive vouchers that are honored at participating vendors. Families that have benefited from this program have shown gratitude by volunteering service to FCPMD.

Scholarship Fund

FCPMD awards scholarships to eligible students on a needs basis. The scholarships may be uniforms, books, tuition or a combination of all three for a specified period. The fund is supported by individuals, businesses and organizations local and foreign. Donors are encouraged by recognition at our annual scholarships awards ceremony.

The Emergency Relief Health Fund

This fund has been set up to support needy families in times of a medical emergency. The fund enables FCPMD to provide financial assistance to families who require emergency medical treatment. For example, we would meet the cost of chartering either a plane or the ferry to transport a patient to the General Hospital in Grenada.