The board of directors of FCPMD is appointed and has the responsibility of ensuring that the organization is adequately funded and promoted. It sets policies in regard to management, budgeting, projects development, internal and independent audits. The current number of board members is five. This number may be increased to a maximum of twenty-five. Presently, experiences include the fields of accounting, business, finance, construction, education, photography and nonprofit. Potential board members are selected and recommended by a nominating committee selected by the current Board of Directors. The nominating committee shall be comprised of five (2) board members and three (3) non-board members of the managing committees. Recommended board candidates shall be elected at a general FCPMD meeting by a majority of voting members present at that meeting.

Each chapter of FCPMD has a managing committee with the responsibility of general management and organizing fundraising activities. The committee members may or may not be board members. However, each committee is required to have at least one board member in its makeup. The management committee is the engine of FCPMD. Committees are supported by subcommittees or workgroups.

Board of Directors - USA

Names Experience
Dawn Derrick Photography
Kenneth Stiell Business
Louis Simon Construction
Maurice Blaize Accounting/ Nonprofit
Monica Noel Finance/ Nonprofit

Managing Committee - USA

Benjamin Williams
Doris Douglas
Louis Simon
Lydia Joseph
Maurice Blaize
Shorma Mills-Andrews
Stephen Andrews
Wellington Alexis
Yvonne Vesprey

UK Representative

Theresa Samuel


What is FCPMD? - We are a charitable, volunteer, non-profit, non-political institution. We currently have chapters in the USA and Carriacou and a representative in the UK.

What is our goal? Our goal is to develop our community through QUALITY relationships by working together.

Why create this institution? - FCPMD embodies our entire community. Our philosophy focuses on active community participation in all of our activities. We have many groups (home & abroad) working towards a common goal.

How can I join FCPMD? - All residents of Carriacou and Petite Martinique and nonresidents with lineage to these islands are part of the foundation. We encourage everyone to actively participate to strengthen FCPMD.

Who owns the Foundation? The Foundation is owned by the people of Carriacou & Petite Martinique at home and abroad. It is an organization of the people, for the people by the people.

Who are the beneficiaries of the Foundation? The beneficiaries are all citizens of Carriacou & Petite Martinique particularly our youths, their children and future generations. As such, our journey is a marathon and not a sprint.

What are the Foundation's fundamental beliefs? There are many. For example, we firmly believe that we are stronger by working together instead of separately; we believe in TEAM work: Together, Each Achieves More; we believe in love - to us, that means caring, sharing and helping each other. We believe that working together builds QUALITY RELATIONSHIPS.


FCPMD is indeed an organization of the Carriacou and Petite Martinique community at home and abroad with ONE common goal of developing Carriacou & Petite Martinique through QUALITY RELATIONSHIPS. However, the accounts of each chapter are maintained separately. Each chapter is responsible for complying with laws and regulations that govern its location. The head office (USA) has affiliation agreement whereby each chapter must comply with the bylaws and policies governing the head office.

Annual Reports

Managing Committee - Carriacou

Barbara Charles - Chair
Dawn Derrick - PR
Michael Phillip - Treasurer
Rhonda McLawrence
Nigel Wilson
Bernadine Stafford
Clarence Lewis
Curdelia Charles
Ethlyn Alexander
Keisha Thomas
Louis George
Max Nagel
Sue Fretwell

Isn't supporting each other the same as working together? No. One can support someone or something and work separately in a conflicting way.

How will the Foundation raise money? The Foundation will be financed through donations from individuals and businesses, grants, and fund-raising events.

Is the Foundation competing with other organizations or individuals? No. We work with every sector of our community. If we cannot work with a group or individual, we strive to work in a way that will complement each other.

Has the Foundation any success in its undertakings? Yes! Our successes are many. Our Emergency Relief Health Fund has benefited many families. We stage an annual children's Christmas event at which hundreds of toys and refreshments are distributed. Most importantly, our biggest success is the overwhelming community participation in all of our events.

How you can help: Everyone has something that can be of value to the foundation. One may volunteer to serve on the board, a committee or in a work group. Someone or a group may donate resources such as music or a venue, time, skills, money or talents such as singing or cooking.